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What is PayOnDemand, Powered by Fingercheck?
What is PayOnDemand, Powered by Fingercheck?
Written by Hannah May
Updated over a week ago

PayOnDemand is a highly requested feature from nurses like you. Nurses now have the opportunity to access their earnings faster instead of waiting until ESHYFT’s normal weekly pay day of Friday.

To be eligible for PayOnDemand, nurses must meet the following criteria:

  1. Must have worked at least one shift and created a timecard through the ESHYFT app

  2. Must have received at least one payment to a bank account

  3. Must have the Fingercheck app downloaded

  4. (POD is not available in Connecticut)

Once those three requirements are met, you can request funds after completing shifts.

How do I request PayOnDemand?

Once you have completed a shift, you can follow these steps for requesting funds:

  1. Within the ESHYFT for Nurses app, go to the timecard section.

  2. On the most recent timecard, select “Request PayOnDemand.”

  3. From there you will be directed to the Fingercheck app.

  4. Within Fingercheck, open the menu on the left-hand side and select “PayOnDemand.”

  5. For first-time users of PayOnDemand, you will be asked to “Apply Now” to enroll in PayOnDemand, however, there is no downtime between enrolling and using PayOnDemand, because you will be auto-approved by the system.

  6. Accept the terms and conditions by clicking on the "Accept Terms and Conditions" button.

  7. Once the terms and conditions have been accepted, you will land on the PayOnDemand page, where you will see the total amount of unpaid wages for the current pay period, a "Request Payout" button, and a log of any previous requests.

  8. Click “Request Payout” and select the dollar amount of the request and the pay method or bank account the funds are going to be sent to, a confirmation screen is displayed confirming the request has been submitted.

  9. Monday - Friday, if your request was made before 8:45 pm EST, then it will be available the following business day by 9 am EST. If funds are requested on a Friday after 8:45 pm EST or on Saturday or Sunday, the funds will be received in 1-2 business days, depending on your bank.

Are there shifts that don't count towards PayOnDemand?

Saturday overnight shifts are not eligible for PayOnDemand. PayOnDemand covers shifts that fall within Sunday 12 am to Saturday 11:59 pm. Unfortunately, weekend shifts, that cross over from Saturday to Sunday, do not qualify.

Is there a chance that PayOnDemand will expand to include Saturday night to Sunday shifts in the future?

We're always working to enhance our services, and customer feedback is crucial. While we don't have immediate plans to include those shifts, your feedback is essential in shaping the future of our services.

Is there a processing fee?

Yes, transaction fees apply, and you pay it from the amount requested.

Are there fund limits for PayOnDemand?

Yes, you are only able to pull funds from the current week. Transaction limits also apply. You can receive up to 60% of the total unpaid wages of the current pay period. The maximum amount per transaction is $200, and the minimum amount per transaction is $25. The maximum withdrawal amount per week is $1,000 (per pay period).

Are holiday rates eligible for PayOnDemand?

Yes, holiday rates are eligible for PayOnDemand.

Can my PayOnDemand eligibility be revoked?

Yes, PayOnDemand eligibility can be paused if any sort of deduction, such as additional tax, garnishment, or overpayment deduction prevents you from being able to cover your loan through your weekly paycheck.

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