How do I create InstaSHYFTs?
Written by Hannah May
Updated over a week ago

This new feature allows you to create shifts that nurses get instantly booked for!

What is InstaSHYFT?

An InstaSHYFT is a shift that a nurse is instantly booked for when they apply, which means facility managers do not need to confirm nurses for InstaSHYFTs.

Regular shifts still exist and for those nurses who apply need to be confirmed by facility managers.

How do I create InstaSHYFTS?

As a facility manager, you can create InstaSHYFTS from your FM web or FM mobile app, as you would typically create a shift.

We added a new ‘Publish as InstaSHYFT’ option to the shift creation process.

When you select this checkbox, your shifts will be published as InstaSHYFTs.

Now that your first InstaSHYFT is published, a nurse will be automatically and instantly confirmed for the shift - no need for confirmation from you.

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