How to DNR a nurse
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While ESHYFT has an extensive application process, not all nurses work out. This is where DNR comes in!

What is DNR?

DNR or Do Not Return, allows you more control over who applies for your shifts and works at your facilities. When you DNR a nurse, she won’t be able to view or apply to shifts at your facility.

How do I DNR a nurse?

As a facility manager, you can DNR a nurse from your desktop or the convenience of your mobile device.

  1. Starting at the offending nurse's profile, scroll down to ‘DNR (do not return)’ and click ‘DNR NURSE.’

  2. A new page will pop up asking why you are DNRing this specific nurse. Select the reasons for the DNR.

Violations include:

    - Frequent callouts
    - Short notice callout
    - Arriving late
    - Leaving early
    - Professionalism issues
    - Safety issues
    - Violation of facility policy

  3. Below the reasons for DNR, you will also be asked to provide a more detailed explanation for the DNR. The explanation is information for our team and will not be shared with the nurse.

  4. Once the DNR form is filled out, it can be submitted.

What DNR communication does a nurse receive?

Once a nurse is DNR’d, they will receive an email explaining to them they have been DNR’d by your facility. The email will also mention the violation that was selected earlier, but it will not share the explanation you gave.

At this point, the nurse will be unable to see any shifts from your facility, and any shifts that the nurse had been previously confirmed for with your facility will be canceled.

Will we be able to see a nurse’s DNR history?

Yes! An added benefit of ESHYFT’s desktop version is that you can view a nurse's DNR history from their profile.

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