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How do I access Fingercheck?
How do I access Fingercheck?
Written by Hannah May
Updated over a week ago

Once you are approved to be an ESHYFT nurse and start working shifts, you're going to want to access Fingercheck. Fingercheck is the platform ESHYFT uses for payroll, and it's the place where you can access your W-2.

To learn how to access your W-2, please read "How do I access my W-2?"

To access Fingercheck, please follow these steps:

  • Once you are approved by ESHYFT, you should receive an email from Fingercheck called "Fingercheck Employee Self Service Enrollment Notification." In this email, there will be a button that says "ACTIVATE ACCOUNT," click it.

  • Now, your Fingercheck account is fully active and you will be able to view your timesheets.

    For additional help, please contact [email protected].

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