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How do I apply for a shift?
How do I apply for a shift?
Written by Hannah May
Updated over a week ago

We're so happy you're interested in picking up shifts with ESHYFT!

Not a part of our team yet?

To pick up and work shifts with ESHYFT you first need to be hired to join our team. Not a part of the ESHYFT team yet? Apply to work at ESHYFT here. Please note that ESHYFT is a W-2 employer of nurses. Learn more about the difference between W-2 and 1099:

Hired and ready to go?

Once your application is approved and you're hired, you'll be invited to set up an account with ESHYFT. If you have any trouble accessing your account please contact [email protected].

Install the ESHYFT nurse app to get started

When your password is set, you can now access the ESHYFT app to find and apply to shifts from nearby facilities.

To download the ESHYFT for Nurses app. You can do so by following the links here:

Picking up a shift

Sign in to the ESHYFT nurse app.

You can find shifts by:

  1. Explore the available shifts in the Home screen of your app. Here you can find shifts sorted and filtered in different ways:

    1. highest paying - showing shifts sorted by their hourly pay, with the highest pay rate appearing first

    2. closest to me - showing shifts sorted by their distance from your home address, with the closest ones appearing first

    3. instaSHYFTs - only showing instaSHYTS, sorted by hourly rate, with the highest pay rate appearing first

    4. soonest - showing shifts sorted by their start time, with the soonest appearing first

  2. Navigate to the Shifts screen to see a list of shifts. You can also use filters and sorting here to refine shifts further.

    1. There are quick filters below the search bar, which let you filter shifts right from the shifts screen.

    2. Learn more about different sorting options

If you do not see shift nearby, try adjusting the shift filters to fit your preferences. To do this, read 'How to adjust filter settings in the nurse app?'

Booking an InstaSHYFT

InstaSHYFTs are marked in the app with a purple 'InstaSHYFT' label. InstaSHYFTs are different from regular shifts because you are instantly booked for a shift as soon as you apply, without needing confirmation from a facility manager.

When you see an InstaSHYFT in the app, you can swipe left to book it, or click on it and book the shift that way.

Because you are instantly booked for an InstaSHYFT, you won't be able to withdraw from it, so if you need to cancel your InstaSHYFT it will count as a callout.

While InstaSHYFTs are instantly booked, this does not mean the shift is guaranteed - depending on a facility's need, they can still cancel you.

Applying to a regular shift

Regular shifts are shifts without a purple InstaSHYFT label. When you find a regular shift you'd like to work, there are two ways you can apply:

  1. You can click on the shift to view the SHIFT DETAILS screen and apply by click the green 'APPLY' button at the bottom.

  2. You can swipe left on the shift in the shifts list, which will show you an 'APPLY' button on the right side, which you can click to apply

ESHYFT has a 2-step confirmation process for regular shifts that requires you to apply and for the Facility Manager to confirm you for a shift.

Once you have applied to the shift, the Facility Manager will be notified. It is then up to the Facility Manager to review your information and to either confirm or decline your application.

Once confirmed, you will receive a notification from ESHYFT and see the confirmed shift in Confirmed tab of the SCHEDULE section in your app.

If you are no longer able to work this shift and need to cancel, please read 'How do I cancel a shift?'

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