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Shift scheduling and rate confirmation must happen within the ESHYFT platform
Shift scheduling and rate confirmation must happen within the ESHYFT platform
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As part of our ongoing commitment to ensure accurate and timely payments for all, please remember that all shifts NOT scheduled via the ESHYFT nurse app ARE NOT considered shifts worked with ESHYFT. Only shifts confirmed in the ESHYFT platform are eligible for work.

How does ESHYFT define "scheduled in ESHYFT"?

  1. A regular shift or InstaSHYFT is posted in the app by a facility.

  2. A nurse has applied to the regular shift and was confirmed by the facility in the app. Or a nurse has booked the InstaSHYFT.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the nurse is confirmed and booked for the shift at the set rate.

What if a facility confirms a shift or rate via the ESHYFT in-app chat?

A facility cannot schedule an ESHYFT nurse via:

  • Text

  • Phone call

  • Email

  • In-person confirmation

  • ESHYFT's in-app chat

A nurse must be confirmed through a created shift for it to be recognized by ESHYFT payroll. If a facility manager tries to confirm a nurse for a shift in one of the unapproved ways, nurses should encourage facility managers to post in the app. If the facility manager does not comply, nurses should call ESHYFT for support and we will attempt to work with the facility manager.

What if I receive verbal confirmation on-site for a double?

Even if you receive verbal permission from a facility manager or supervisor to extend your shift into a double, that second shift needs to be confirmed in the ESHYFT platform before you continue working.

What if I receive confirmation for a rate outside the app?

ESHYFT payroll WILL NOT HONOR rates that have been agreed upon outside the ESHYFT platform between the facility and nurse. Rates are tied to shifts and MUST be confirmed within the ESHYFT platform.

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