What are InstaSHYFTs?
Written by Hannah May
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An InstaSHYFT is a shift that you can get booked for instantly! When you apply for an InstaSHYFT, you do not need to wait for a facility manager to confirm you, you will be instantly booked for it.

While InstaSHYFTs are instantly booked, this does not mean the shift is guaranteed - depending on a facility's need, they can still cancel you.

Regular shifts still exist and those still require facility managers to confirm nurses who apply to them.

Can I book an InstaSHYFT?

Everyone with a callout rate below %15 can book InstaSHYFTs!

How can I find InstaSHYFTs near me?

InstaSHYFTS stand out in the ESHYFT app.

In the list view

Go to the Shifts section, in the ‘LIST’ tab, InstaSHYFTS will have a purple InstaSHYFT label.

In the map view

Go to the Shifts section, in the ‘MAP’ tab, facilities with available InstaSHYFTs will be marked with a purple lightning bolt on their location icon.

How can I book an InstaSHYFT?

Swipe to book

In the Shifts section, in the LIST tab, you can swipe left on an InstaSHYFT to book it, or you can swipe on a regular shift to apply to it.

Book through the Shifts screen.

You can also click on the shift and see more information about it, at the bottom of the screen you’ll see a ‘Book InstaSHYFT’ button.

I don’t see any InstaSHYFTs on the app

If you don’t see any shifts, try adjusting your filter settings. You will also be able to filter InstaSHYFTS into your search results.

If you still don’t see any results in your area, we recommend increasing your distance settings.

If that doesn’t help please contact [email protected] and tell us where you’d like to see InstaSHYFTs posted, we’ll try to get InstaSHYFTs posted at facilities near you.

Don’t see a facility you want to work at on ESHYFT, you can always refer a facility to us and get 💸when they post shifts.

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