How to use ESHYFT?
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Thank you for your interest in ESHYFT! This article covers the basics of how to use the ESHYFT Nurse app. The basics include:

Let's get started

First of all, not a part of our team yet?

To pick up and work shifts with ESHYFT you first need to be hired to join our team. Not a part of the ESHYFT team yet? Apply here.

Hired and ready to go?

Once your application is approved and you're hired, you'll be invited to set up an account with ESHYFT. If you have any trouble accessing your account please contact [email protected].

Install the app to get started

When your password is set, you can now access the ESHYFT app to find and apply to shifts from nearby facilities.

To download the ESHYFT for Nurses app. You can do so by following the links here:

How to look and apply to shifts

Option 1: Using the List 📃

  • Type in a town name or the name of a facility.

  • If you can’t find what you’re looking for use the filters! Learn about filters by reading 'How do you adjust filter settings in the nurse app?'

    • Filters include:

      • Dates

      • Availability

      • Hourly rate

      • Distance

      • License/Position

      • State

      • Shift type

      • Facility filters

Option 2: Using the Map 🗺

  • Type in a town name or a zip code.

  • After a few moments, you will notice pins on a map.

    • A blue pin means the facility has available shifts.

    • A gray pin means the facility doesn't have any shifts at the moment. However, you can notify the facility you are interested in picking up a shift.

  • Learn more about the map option by reading 'How do I use the map option to find available shifts?'

Applying for a shift

  • When you see a shift you would like to pick up click 'APPLY.'

  • Please note: There are two types of shifts you can apply for:

    • Regular shifts - require a facility manager to confirm you for the shift.

    • InstaSHYFTs - booked instantly, no confirmation from a facility manager required. While InstaSHYFTs are instantly booked, this does not mean the shift is guaranteed - depending on a facility's need, they can still cancel you.

  • To learn more about shifts, please read 'How do I pick up a shift?'

How to withdraw a shift request

  • If you haven't been confirmed for a regular shift, and you no longer want to work the shift you applied to, you can withdraw.

  • Please note: You cannot withdraw from an InstaSHYFT because you are instantly confirmed for the shift.

  • To learn how to withdraw a shift request, please read 'How do I withdraw from a shift?'

How to cancel a/callout of a confirmed shift

  • If you need to cancel a shift, we ask that you please try to do so as far in advance as possible so that the facility has enough time to find another nurse to fill your spot.

  • To cancel a shift you have been confirmed for, go into the app under the 'SCHEDULE' tab, and select the shift you want to cancel from the 'CONFIRMED' section. There should be a button at the bottom of the screen that says 'CALL OUT,' select it.

  • To learn more about canceling a confirmed shift and our callout policy, please read 'How do I cancel a shift?' and 'What is ESHYFT's callout policy?'

Getting confirmed

  • When you get confirmed for a shift, you will receive an app notification.

  • Your confirmed shift will also appear on your schedule

Helpful tips

  • Make sure your GPS location is turned on when using ESHYFT.

    • We use the GPS function to help you find shifts, clock in, and clock out.

  • Make sure your ESHYFT notifications are turned on.

    • ESHYFT uses notifications to alert nurses they have been confirmed for a shift, that a shift is starting, and that a facility has canceled a nurse.

  • When working a shift, do not clock out for your break

    • When you clock out at the end of your shift, the app will ask if you have taken a break.

  • If you are working a double you need to clock in and clock out of both shift

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