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How do you adjust filter settings in the nurse app?
How do you adjust filter settings in the nurse app?
Written by Hannah May
Updated over a week ago

Adjusting filter settings in the ESHYFT for Nurses app is easy and a great way to narrow or expand the results of available shifts in your area.

To download the ESHYFT for Nurses app. You can do so by following the links here:

In the ESHYFT for Nurses app, navigate to the 'SHIFTS' page. Once there, tap on the 'FILTER' button on the right-hand side.

Use the following filters to refine what kind of shifts appear as a result.

Hourly Rate - Slide the button to determine a pay range you are comfortable with.

Distance - Adjust this scale to show shifts within a certain distance from your location. You can go up to 100 miles away from your current location.

Ignore Distance - If you're unconcerned with distance, you can toggle the 'IGNORE DISTANCE' button to show shifts regardless of their distance.

My favorite facilities - If you have been working with ESHYFT for a while, you may have some facilities that you have marked as a favorite. When toggled, this button will only show you the facilities you have favorited.

Position - Select your licensed title to view shifts for your specific position.

Shift type - Select the type of shifts you would like to see. You can choose from regular shifts, which require confirmation from a facility manager, InstaSHYFTs, which you book instantly - no confirmation required, or all shifts.

Shift time - You control your schedule with ESHYFT. Select the shift times you'd like to see, ie., day shifts, evening shifts, night shifts, all shifts, or custom shifts.

Days of the week - Select the days of the week you want to see shifts for.

Once you have adjusted the filters to your preferences, click 'APPLY FILTER' to view your results.

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