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How do I use the map option to find available shifts?
How do I use the map option to find available shifts?
Written by Hannah May
Updated over a week ago

Another way to find available shifts in your area is by using the map option on the 'SHIFTS' page.

Facilities on the map are labeled either by a blue or grey marker.

Active Facilities are indicated by blue markers. These facilities will have available shifts.

You may also notice purple lightning bolts on the map and these indicate available InstaSHYFTs at a facility. InstaSHYFTs, unlike regular shifts, are booked instantly and do not require a facility manager's confirmation.

Inactive Facilities are indicated by grey markers. These facilities will not have available shifts. However, you do have the ability to request shifts to be posted.

Tap on the grey facility marker and the facility's information will pop up along with the 'NOTIFY THE FACILITY' button. Tap this button and email the Facility Manager directly, notifying them of your interest.

If there is a facility you want on ESHYFT that's not currently there, you can refer them to us through our referral form.

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