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Introducing a new Home screen
Introducing a new Home screen

Breaking down the new 'home' screen in the ESHYFT app: share you shifts preferences, shortcuts to shifts, explore facilities, FAQs & more

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The new Home screen in the nurse app consists of multiple features to help you make the most of ESHYFT. Below is a breakdown of the new Home screen.

You can access the new home screen by click the left most β€˜Home’ icon in the bottom navigation of the nurse app.

Starting from the top: The top navigation

There is a new top navigation in the app that provides easy access to support, settings, and your profile.

There are 3 icons in the top right of the top navigation are:

  • Info - the info icon will bring you to helpful articles (like this one - hopefully πŸ˜…), explaining how to use ESHYFT and answering common questions

  • Support - the support icon will bring you to a support chat with the ESHYFT team is you need help with anything. If you've got questions about your payroll, your shift, clocking in (or out), finding your W-2, PayOnDemand, or anything else - our team is here to help.

  • Settings - the settings icon will take you to the settings area of the app, where you can do find:

    • Profile

        • Requested callouts

        • Approved callouts

      • No Call No Shows (NCNS)

    • My ESHYFT

    • Notifications

      • This is where you can update which notifications you want to get emails and alerts about

Shift preferences quiz

The shift preferences quiz provide an easy way for your to share what kind of shifts you're interested in working, including your preferences on:

  • hourly rate

  • distance you're willing to travel

  • which days and times you're available to work

  • how far out you'd like to see shifts

Once you're taken the quiz, this section will be updated to take you to shifts that best match your preferences.

You can update your preferences in 2 ways:

  1. by clicking the 'update my preferences' link in the 'Selected for you' section on the top of the Home screen

  2. by going to Settings , clicking on 'shift preferences' and updating your preferences there.

Explore shifts

This section shows you a few options to find certain types of shifts:

  • highest paying - showing shifts sorted by their hourly pay, with the highest pay rate appearing first

  • closest to me - showing shifts sorted by their distance from your home address, with the closest ones appearing first

  • instaSHYFTs - only showing instaSHYTS, sorted by hourly rate, with the highest pay rate appearing first

  • soonest - showing shifts sorted by their start time, with the soonest appearing first

Nearby facilities

This section may appear differently for different users, you may see individual facilities listed here or see a button which takes you to the MAPS are of the SHIFTS screen.

If you do see individual facilities listed like so:

You can click on the facility and see the shifts at that specific facility. You can further filter and sort shifts at a specific facility


FAQs take you to articles (like this one) which answer commonly asked question about how ESHYFT works.

Shift reminder

When you have an upcoming confirmed shift, you will see a reminder about it under the FAQ section of the app.


If you ever have questions or need help with something, we're here to help!

In addition to the Support icon in the top right of the app, you will also see another way to reach support at the bottom of the HOME screen:

Clicking this will put you in touch with our support team.

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