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What is the Fingercheck PayCard?
What is the Fingercheck PayCard?
Written by Hannah May
Updated over a week ago

The Fingercheck PayCard is a prepaid debit card that allows you to access your earnings quickly and securely. With this card, you can make purchases, withdraw cash from ATMs, and manage your money with ease.

Unlike PayOnDemand, you do not have to wait until the next day to receive funds! The PayCard option allows you to load funds onto your card 24/7 and have access to that money within 25 minutes - all you have to do is pay a $2.99 processing fee.

How do I request a Fingercheck PayCard?

Requesting a Fingercheck PayCard is simple! Follow these steps to successfully request a card:

  1. Login to your Fingercheck account.

  2. Click on the "My Account" tab, then select "Direct Deposit."

  3. Next, click on "Add" and choose "Request PayCard."

  4. A pop-up window titled "Add PayCard" will appear.

  5. Confirm that the address listed for sending your PayCard is correct. If you need it sent to a different address, click "Change Shipping Address."

  6. Provide the required information.

  7. Click "Save."

  8. Finally, click "Request Pay Card" and then "OK" in the Success pop-up window.

How do I activate my Fingercheck PayCard?

There are two methods for PayCard activation:

Automated System

This is the traditional method and does not require speaking with an agent. Call RapidPay Customer Support at (877) 380-0980, to activate your card.

Online Activation

Visit and set up a username and password to gain access to account management features, such as activating your Fingercheck PayCard.

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