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Understanding Resident Abuse
Understanding Resident Abuse
Written by Hannah May
Updated over a week ago

What is abuse?

Abuse is some action by a trusted individual that causes physical or emotional harm to the victim. There are a number of different kinds of abuse including: Physical abuse, emotional abuse, and financial abuse.

What is neglect?

Neglect is when someone fails to do things that are necessary to meet the needs of a child or an elderly person. There are two types of neglect:

  • Passive neglect is when people don’t mean to do harm. Usually, this is because of ignorance - they just don’t know any better.

  • Active neglect is when people know better and still fail to do what is needed for the care of the child or elderly person.

Where does abuse and neglect happen?

  • Abuse and neglect happens in every community around the United States. Every day, there are children and elderly people being abused in their own homes. The abuser is usually a family member, often someone with psychological problems.

  • Abuse and neglect can also happen in an institutional setting, such as a day care center or a facility. The most common type is mistreatment in institutions is neglect. Often, these situations occur because the staff is overworked, stressed out or poorly trained.

It is important to learn about abuse and neglect so that you can:

  1. Know the signs of abuse and neglect.

  2. Watch your patients for these signs.

  3. Know how to report suspected abuse or neglect.

  4. Protect yourself from being charged with abuse or neglect of a patient.

ESHYFT is committed to protecting residents from abuse

ESHYFT, in coordination with the facility, protects the rights of each resident to be free from abuse. Together, ESHYFT and the facility will maintain this policy by thoroughly screening its personnel, assessing, monitoring, and training its staff, promoting reporting by residents, their families, and friends, while also committing to an immediate response in any instance where abuse occurs or is suspected.

What to do if you suspect abuse

Any abusive situation should immediately be brought to the attention of a supervisor, who will contact the appropriate director to handle the situation. The alleged abuse will be thoroughly reviewed and duly reported. The resident has the right to contact the police.

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