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What is ESHYFT's NCNS policy?
What is ESHYFT's NCNS policy?
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What is a NCNS?

A NCNS (no call, no show), is when you have a confirmed shift that you do not show up to, and you did not call out using the app.

What is ESHYFT's policy?

At ESHYFT we do not allow any NCNS's. If the facility reports a NCNS to us, your account may be suspended.
Please see What is ESHYFT's suspension policy? for further information on suspensions.

The facility is relying on you to care for their patients and you should always let them know you are not coming by calling out on the app. If the shift start time is very soon, you can also follow up with a call to the facility. This can go a long way to prevent getting a DNR from the facility.

How can I prevent a NCNS?

If you are still in the applied stage, you can simply withdraw from the shift.
Please see How do I withdraw from a shift? for instructions.

If you cannot make it to your confirmed shift, simply callout from the shift on your app. ​Please see How do I call out of a confirmed shift? for instructions.

When will a NCNS show on my record?

A NCNS will show on your record any time you meet ALL 3 of these conditions

  1. You have a confirmed shift.

  2. You do not call out of your shift through the app.

  3. The shift passes without you clocking into the shift.

Each time you do not call out of your confirmed shift, and you do not clock into the shift, the system will automatically create a NCNS record on your account.

We are not able to delete NCNS's from your account so
please be aware of these situations to avoid getting a NCNS:

  • You were not able to clock into your shift and will be submitting a MPF (missed punch form).

    • The NCNS will show on your record until you submit your MPF. There is no need to contact us since the NCNS will be automatically removed when the MPF is processed.

  • You call the facility to call out of the shift instead of calling out on the app.

    • When calling out of a shift, it needs to be done on the app so it can be added to your record. Calling the facility instead of calling out on the app is still considered a NCNS since you left the shift confirmed on your schedule.

  • The facility canceled you off of the app.

    • When the facility cancels you off of the app, you still have a confirmed shift on your account. If you do not clock into that shift, a NCNS will be automatically created.
      To avoid these NCNS's please contact us BEFORE the shift so we can contact the facility about canceling the shift through the app. Shifts cannot be canceled after the shift has started.
      You can reach us by chat, email, or phone 1-800-949-5188.

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