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What is ESHYFT's suspension policy?
What is ESHYFT's suspension policy?
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What is a Suspension?

A suspension is when an ESHYFT admin determines that we need to suspend an account from continuing to work shifts on the ESHYFT app.

What happens when an account is suspended?

You will receive an email letting you know of the suspension, your future shifts will be canceled, and you will be logged out of the app, preventing you from picking up new shifts.

If you work any shifts outside of the app, ESHYFT will not be responsible for payment of those shifts.

How long is my Suspension?

Typically a suspension lasts 3 months, but the lengths can vary depending on the offense.

An ESHYFT admin will determine how long the suspension will last, or if the suspension is indefinite. A second suspension may result in an indefinite suspension. Safety, clinical, and fraud violations may result in an indefinite suspension. All suspensions and length of suspensions are are subject to ESHYFT's discretion.

How can I lift my suspension?

To discuss lifting your suspension, please contact us by chat, email, or phone 1-800-949-5188

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