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What is an Account Review?
What is an Account Review?
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What is an Account Review?

An Account Review is when your account gets reviewed by an ESHYFT admin to determine if you can continue working on the ESHYFT platform.

When does an Account Review happen?

All accounts are occasionally reviewed, and when the these events happen.

  • Reaching the maximum callout limit

  • A facility reports a NCNS

  • A facility sets a DNR

  • Your callout rate reaches 35%

What can I expect during an account review?

If your account is in good standing and we have all the details we need, you will not notice any change on your account.
In some cases you may be contacted by an ESHYFT admin and either given a warning about specific activity, asked to give your side of the story, or to provide documentation. If we cannot get in touch with you, we may suspend your account until you contact us.
Account reviews can result in a suspension of your account. Please see ESHYFT's Suspension Policy for more information on suspensions.

The result of all account reviews are subject to ESHYFT's discretion. To discuss the results of your account review, please contact us by chat, email, or phone 1-800-949-5188.

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