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How is the Callout Rate calculated?
How is the Callout Rate calculated?
Written by Hannah May
Updated over a week ago

Your Callout Rate is based on how many confirmed worked shifts you call out of which do not have a valid excuse/are unexcused.

For example, if you have 100 confirmed shifts and you have 5 unexcused callouts, then your Callout Rate would be 5%.

If your Callout Rate is higher than 15% you will be allowed to apply to only 3 shifts at a time. If you want to apply to another shift you will need to first withdraw from an applied shift. Once your Callout Rate is below 15%, you will once again be able to apply to more shifts.

If you have a callout that should be excused but is appearing as unexcused, please contact ESHYFT by chat, email or call 1-800-949-5188.

To learn more about the callout policy, please read 'What is ESHYFT's callout policy?'

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