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Is there a dress code?
Is there a dress code?
Written by Hannah May
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Yes. The following must be adhered to during all hours of work as an ESHYFT nurse or aide:

  • Follow the facility's masking regulations

  • Dress in a clean and neatly pressed scrubs uniform

  • Knee-length shorts may be worn

  • Shoes should be non-slip or skid proof footwear to prevent risk of slip or fall

  • Hair should be clean and neatly arranged so that it does not interfere with taking care of patients

  • Male employees should be clean-shaven, or if a beard/mustache is worn, it must be neat and well-groomed

  • Jewelry must not interfere with one’s ability to properly care for the patient

  • Open-toed shoes, jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, and shorts that end before the knees are not permitted

  • Fingernails should be cut to fingertip length

  • After you receive it, your ESHYFT Identification badge must be worn in plain sight at all times

Please note that individual long term care facilities may have additional dress code rules for nurses and aides. We recommend messaging the Facility Manager through the ESHYFT Nurse app before your shift to confirm whether there are additional guidelines.

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