What is ESHYFT?

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ESHYFT is similar to an Uber, but for nurses and aides 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️🩺

Who does ESHYFT hire?

At ESHYFT, we primarily hire CNAs, LPNs, and RNs, but we also hire state-specific licenses as well. For a full break down of which positions we hire by state, please review 'What kind of positions does ESHYFT hire for?'

Where does ESHYFT have shifts?

At the moment, ESHYFT is not in all 50 states, however we do have a comprehensive updated list of where we currently have shifts. Please review 'Where does ESHYFT have shifts?'

What are the benefits of ESHYFT?

At ESHYFT, we offer nurses:

  • Flexibility - Select shifts that fit your schedule.

  • Independence - Whether you use ESHYFT full-time, part-time, or sporadically, nurses can create their own schedule.

  • Simplicity - Apply to shifts within seconds with our easy-to-use app.

  • Control - Earn more and get paid weekly.

How do I apply to ESHYFT?

If you have not applied to ESHYFT yet, you can begin your application on ESHYFT's website.

How do I download ESHYFT?

As soon as you’re hired, you can login to the ESHYFT for Nurses App. There you will see available shifts in your area.

To download the ESHYFT for Nurses App. You can do so by following the links here:

How do I earn with ESHYFT?

You can browse, apply, and book shifts available in the app. Complete shifts and get paid through direct deposit.

To learn more about ESHYFT works, please read 'How to apply and work at ESHYFT.'

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