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How do I clock into a shift?
How do I clock into a shift?

Working a shift is easy, just clock in, clock out, and submit your timecard.

Written by Hannah May
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Congratulations on working your first shift with ESHYFT! πŸ‘ We hope it is the first of many.

How to Clock in

  • Where?

    • Clocking in is done on your phone, inside the ESHYFT app.

      • Some facilities may ask you to clock into their timeclock in ADDITION to clocking in on your app.

  • When?

    • You can clock into your shift 5 minutes before the scheduled shift start time.

  • How?

    • At the top of the ESHYFT app you will see a big green "Clock In" button. Simply click that to clock in!

    • The Clock in button will only appear at the time you can begin clocking in.

  • Restrictions? - In order to clock in to a shift, you will need to be at the facility - we use geolocation technology to make sure you're within a certain distance of the facility before you can clock in.

If you need information on clocking out, please see our article 'How do I clock out of a shift?'

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