How to remove someone from DNR
Written by Hannah May
Updated over a week ago

Similarly, to DNRing a nurse, a facility manager can remove a nurse from DNR from the facility manager web portal or in the mobile app.

  1. Starting on the nurse’s profile, you can scroll down to the ‘DNR (do not return)’ section and click ‘REMOVE DNR.’

  2. A DNR pop-up will appear asking why you are removing the nurse from DNR. In the text box, you can add a reason for removing the DNR. Then click ‘REMOVE DNR.’

What DNR communication does a nurse receive?

Once the DNR has been removed, the nurse will receive an email, notifying them that your facility has removed them from DNR.

At this point, the nurse will be able to view shifts from your facility, as well as be able to apply and get confirmed at your facility.

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